The Member of the Wedding (deadline: 12/4)

The Member of the Wedding (1952)

Choose one of the following questions and answer it with 200-250 words

1) In The Member of the Wedding, the kitchen is an important setting in which the major part of the story takes place. Berenice, Frankie, and John Henry (although different in age, race, and gender) are "members" of this space and create their utopian fantasies to compensate for inadequacies/discriminations in their real lives.  Which episodes in the novel best demonstrate the utopian colors of the kitchen and the collective imagining of its members?

2) In The Member of the Wedding, which character chiefly engages your interest? Why?

3) In Carson McCullers's freak world, hybrid and mixture are favored; sameness and stable identity are rejected.  In The Member of the Wedding, tropes of "betweenness" or "hybridity" are prevalent. What characters or episodes best demonstrate this "mixture of delicious and freak," a phrase coined by John Henry to describe his ideal world?