Reflections in a Golden Eye (deadline: 11/5)

the book cover of Reflections in a Golden Eye

Anacleto's grotesque peacock
Choose one of the following questions and answer it with 200-250 words:

1) In the novel, the 20-year-old Private Williams is described as a dumb innocent who is unreflective and acts only on instinct.  He is constantly associated with the natural world.  What evidence can you find in the novel that reveals Private Williams's savage or animal nature?

2) Do you like Captain Penderton? How do you characterize this character?

3) Animals figure prominently throughout the novel.   What are the possible implications or symbolic functions of using animal imageries?

4) List Anacleto's traits.  Do you think he is a likable or an unlikable character, or a little bit of both? Why?  


The Short Fiction of Carson McCullers (deadline: 10/22)

In the past two weeks, we have read many Carson McCullers's short stories exploring themes such as initiations or rites of passage, human vulnerability to love, or the "immense complexity of love," a phrase that she coined for her short story, "A Domestic Dilemma."  Among the short stories we read, which story plot or character intrigues you the most, and why? Use 200-250 words to respond to the question.